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Our Custom Offerings

Our custom programs are designed to meet the specific goals, needs, and/or objectives of your company or organization.  The process begins by assessing your current situation and becoming familiar with what challenges your organization can use help with.  By collaborating closely with key members of your organization, we will craft a robust program that addresses the challenges that have been outlined.  To meet the program objectives, we use the following measures (or a mix thereof):  private workshops, lectures – discussions, experiential learning games, case analysis – discussions, supplemental readings, reflective assignments, graphic facilitation, keynote speaker(s), individual coaching, group coaching, executive retreat(s), and/or a virtual classroom (which is hosted on a password-protected, private server to maintain clients’ confidentiality).

The duration of a program may take one day, one week, a couple of months, or even up to a year or longer, all depending on what type of solution is needed to overcome the challenges at hand and move your organization toward real, measurable results.  Whatever the case may be, your program will contain a mutually agreed upon curriculum that is based on a very strong academic foundation with real-world application.  We use The Leadership Challenge® and The Leadership Practices Inventory® as our primary intervention tools, but depending on the situation, we incorporate other measures as needed.

Our custom programs leverage the skills, knowledge, and experience of our entire team and, if a situation warrants it, may include additional associates who can help provide unique insight and expertise for a given scenario.  Custom programs are held at either the organization’s location and/or an off-site location, which can place participants in a transformative learning environment that is more conducive to growth.   Over the course of a custom program, participants will develop critical skills and acquire knowledge that will impart lasting change to your organization.

Our custom programs are an ideal solution for any company or organization who would like help with:

Transforming high-potential managers into capable future leaders

Developing a pipeline of exemplary leaders throughout an organization

Implementing organizational change

Strategic Visioning

Increasing organizational effectiveness and performance

Conflict management and/or conflict resolution

Shaping organizational culture in support of a new strategy

Building a common language of leadership that pervades your organization

To get started with a custom program, please complete our interest form by clicking on the button below, or feel free to refer to our FAQ page for additional help.

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