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The Leadership Challenge®
Our Public Offerings

Our public workshops give you an opportunity to experience our offerings in a hands-on, interactive learning environment, where you can separate yourself from the day-to-day pressures of the workplace, and fully concentrate on your professional development.  Public workshops combine evidence-based material with dynamic facilitators to help ensure that you receive the most value from your training investment.

Our public workshops are offered at different times throughout the year and vary in their duration.  For specific details about our offerings, please review our growing list of workshops for further information, or feel free to visit our FAQ page for additional help. 

Our public workshops are an ideal solution for any individual (or small group) who would like to:

Gain immediate access to world-class training and development from subject-matter experts

Experience our content and its delivery before committing to a private workshop for their organization

Network with like-minded professionals who can help provide a new perspective on common challenges

Become familiar with our material before having it implemented as a custom program for their organization

The Leadership Challenge®

The Leadership Challenge® workshop is a unique, intensive, and highly interactive experience that increases the leadership potential of anyone, at any level, in any organization.  Over 35 years ago, authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner set out to discover what people do when they are at their personal best as leaders.  After conducting hundreds of interviews, reviewing thousands of case studies, and analyzing more than five million survey responses from across the globe, the authors found that leaders have similar patterns of behavior when they are at their best.  When making extraordinary things happen in organizations, the authors found that leaders engage in what is known as The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®:

The authors first identified these practices in their best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge, which has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and is widely regarded as the world’s most trusted source for becoming a better leader.  The Leadership Challenge® workshop is based on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, as it is a proven model of leadership with a robust amount of empirical support (click here for an in-depth research report).  The evidence clearly establishes that leadership is not about personality, title, rank, position, or tenure; it’s about an observable set of practices and behaviors that can be measured and learned.  As such, it is important to understand that The Five Practices are not exclusive to just famous politicians, corporate CEOs, media celebrities, or legendary entrepreneurs, who often receive the most attention when it comes to extraordinary leadership achievements.  Rather, The Five Practices are available to anyone, in any organization, who is willing to accept the challenge to lead.

Why Attend The Leadership Challenge® Workshop?

Regardless of industry or geography, public sector or non-profit, and despite individual differences of age, education, ethnicity, and gender, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® have consistently been found by researchers to be related to positive employee and organizational outcomes, as measured and validated by The Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®).  The LPI is a highly acclaimed development tool that uses input from multiple sources to get a 360-degree look at the frequency in which an individual engages in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® (click here to explore the benefits of 360-degree feedback).  Ongoing research continues to reaffirm the following:  managers, supervisors, directors, pastors, government administrators, military officers, teachers, school principals, students, and other leaders who use The Five Practices are more frequently seen by others as better leaders.  For example, they:

Create higher-performing teams

Increase sales and customer satisfaction levels

More often meet job-related demands

Improve employee engagement

Increase motivation and the willingness to work hard

Generate more positive workplace attitudes

Better represent their units to upper management

Foster a renewed sense of employee loyalty

Raise levels of organizational commitment

Earn higher scores on measures of leader credibility

Positively influence recruitment rates

Extend the range of an organization’s services

Promote higher degrees of involvement in schools

Expand fundraising results and raise gift-giving levels

Enlarge the size of their congregations

Meet the needs of their family more effectively

Additionally, people working with leaders who demonstrate The Five Practices are significantly more satisfied with the actions and strategies of their leaders; they feel more committed, excited, energized, influential, and powerful; and they are more productive.  In other words, the more you engage in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, the more likely it is that you will have a positive influence on all others in your organization.

Who Is The Leadership Challenge® Workshop for?

Individuals who want to invest in their own growth and professional development

Anyone who wants to increase their capacity to lead using a proven, evidence-based leadership model

Emerging leaders who would like to prepare themselves for leadership responsibilities

Existing leaders who would like to equip themselves for bigger and broader leadership roles

Organizational decision-makers who may want to sample our offerings before making a larger commitment

Anyone who wants to perform at their peak potential and make more of a positive impact at their organization

What You Will Receive at The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

A unique and highly interactive two-day experience that focuses on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, developed from the original and proven research of best-selling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

The Leadership Challenge Participant Package, which includes:  a Participant Workbook, 30 LPI Behaviors Card, Values Cards, Action Cards, and the latest edition of the international best-seller, The Leadership Challenge

On-line administration of the highly acclaimed LPI 360 assessment tool:  includes all processing, scoring, and confidential feedback for your LPI Self-Assessment and up to fifteen LPI Observer Assessments (to be completed by co-worker(s), manager(s), direct report(s), etc.)

You can view a free sample of the LPI 360 by clicking here

Other standard program materials and take-aways

Experiential activities (indoor)

A truly memorable experience, with lessons that stick

Optional activities may also include (at an additional cost):

Follow-up group coaching

The Leadership Challenge®
Workshop Overview

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop consists of seven modules:  an opening module, a module for each of The Five Practices, and a closing module.  The modules are:


Module Objectives

When participants complete this module, they will be able to:

Name and describe The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®

Use LPI® feedback to identify and improve their frequency of exemplary leadership behaviors

Practice 1: Model The Way

Module Objectives

When participants complete this module, they will be able to:

Clarify and articulate the values that will guide their decisions and actions as leaders

Describe examples of how they can align stated values with everyday leadership behavior

Explain how they can lead their teams to a consensus on shared values

Practice 2: Inspire a Shared Vision

Module Objectives

When participants complete this module, they will be able to:

Describe their vision for the future of their organization that appeals to higher-order values

Engage others in conversation about their vision of the future for their organization

Show team members how their long-term interests can be realized by enlisting in a common vision

Practice 3: Challenge The Process

Module Objectives

When participants complete this module, they will be able to:

In the context of shared vision and values, look for new ideas outside the boundaries of the organization

Take incremental steps in applying new and innovative solutions

Create a climate in which people are willing to take risks and learn from experience

Practice 4: Enable Others To Act

Module Objectives

When participants complete this module, they will be able to:

Identify the actions leaders take that make people feel powerful and those that make them feel powerless

Describe several actions they can take to strengthen others in their organization

Describe actions that hinder and actions that facilitate building trust and collaboration in their organization

Practice 5: Encourage The Heart

Module Objectives

When participants complete this module, they will be able to:

Give examples of meaningful recognitions

Identify actions they can take to encourage the heart of their team members


Module Objectives

When participants complete this module, they will be able to:

Identify short-term and long-term actions for improving in one of The Five Practices

Hold a conversation with their team and/or manager to share their LPI® feedback, their values, and their visions of the future

The Leadership Challenge®
Workshop Pre-Work

The pre-work package for this workshop includes:
(all items must be completed at least ten days prior to workshop date)

The Leadership Practices Inventory®

The Leadership Practices Inventory®

Completion of the Characteristics of an Admired Leader (CAL) survey

Completion of "Personal Best"

Completion of "Current Leadership Challenge" worksheet

The Leadership Challenge®
After Attending This Workshop, Participants Will Be Able To:

Identify and improve their frequency of exemplary leadership behaviors

Clarify and communicate their fundamental values and beliefs

Set the example for others by aligning their actions with shared values

Express their image of the future

Inspire others to share a common vision

Search for opportunities to change & improve

Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust

Strengthen the ability of others to excel

Enlarge their professional network

Experiment with innovative Ideas and learn from accompanying mistakes

Effectively recognize the accomplishments of others

Apply the lessons learned in the workshop to a current organizational challenge

The Leadership Challenge®
Workshop Testimonials

"The Leadership Challenge® is an experience that has been very insightful and will help me to continue developing my skills as a leader. Using the 360 degree feedback approach gives you understanding on the effectiveness of your leadership style through the lens of your manager, director reports and co-workers.  The workshop and 1:1 coaching have helped me connect The Five Practices and how I can utilize them as they relate to the core values of the organization I work for.  I highly recommend The Leadership Challenge® to anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills."

-Kimberly Hinze, Chief Operating Officer, San Antonio Youth

“The Leadership Challenge® Workshop provides a clear picture of the art of leadership.  Whether your leaders are new out of the gate or later in the race, this program is a must-have for every step of their leadership journey.”

-Sterling Gross, Executive and Leadership Development, Luxottica Retail

“The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and The Leadership Challenge® Workshop represent an evidence-based approach that will inspire any leader to become far more effective and successful by creating a work environment where there is trust, teamwork, and a shared vision.  This workshop is a must for the leader of any organization seeking to enhance employee engagement in their quest to be the best.”

-John E. Sindoni, SPHR, senior vice president, Human Resources, Meridian Health

The Leadership Challenge®
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