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Please note that, unless specified otherwise, the coaching engagements included in any of the coaching packages are remote and take place over the telephone, computer, and/or both. In-person engagements are available, but involve a different pricing structure, depending on distance, time, coach availability, etc. If you are interested in in-person coaching, please contact us directly to inquire for details. With respect to any cancellations, please know that refunds will only be issued if we receive notice of cancellation within 24 hours of receiving payment for the coaching package you signed up for. Otherwise, your full payment will be applied as a credit towards a future offering that is good for up to one year. All packages include a non-refundable $299.00 registration charge per person (to cover the costs of all testing and materials that are incurred upon registration for each client). It is important to note that any results, either stated or implied, in connection to any coaching package are not guaranteed, as they can be influenced by factors outside the company’s control, such as clients’ personal dedication and commitment, market conditions, and the like. Moreover, by signing up for this coaching package, you agree not to hold the company, or any of its agents, or partners, liable for any and all damages that could be any way tied to your reliance upon the information, coaching, or advice shared therein. To help account for any unforeseen circumstances, Leadership Interactive, LLC also reserves the right to alter scheduling dates, content, materials, and coaches as needed.